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Aurelio Martinez Grew up in Denver’s Five-Points neighborhood of Curtis Park. His entire life he has called Denver home, Martinez attended Gilpin Elementary, Cole Jr. High, and was a Thunderbolt in High School, graduating from Manual High School in 1973.

Martinez married Lupita Trujillo on December 15, 1973, right after high school, and started a family.

Martinez continued his education at Metro State College taking courses in business so he may someday live his dream of owning his own business.

In 1975 Martinez landed a job and became an IBM Customer Engineer. Six years later, Martinez’s dream of owning his own business came true and he opened Martinez Business Center at the corner of 11th and Santa Fe Drive.

Martinez has three children, Olivia, Aurelio II and daughter-in-law Kerilyn Matsunaga Martinez, six grandchildren, Miranda, Aurelio III, James Connor, Dominic, Kristena Matsunaga-Aragon, Jasmine Matsunaga-Aragon, and one great-grandson Gavin.


Aurelio Martinez’s family certainly qualifies as pioneers of Denver. Curtis Park is Denver’s oldest neighborhood, filled with Victorian homes built in the mid-eighteen hundreds.

The Glover family, who owned the house at 2663 Curtis in the 1930s and 1940s had two foster sons Ponciano “Chano” and Tony Arroyo children of Mexican parentage. Chano and Tony are Martinez’s uncles. Chano inherited the home and Tony bought the house two doors down, at 2639 Curtis.

By the 1950s the Curtis Park neighborhood was filled with Martinez’s family and relatives.

Martinez’s Mother, Josefina Arroyo was born in Longmont, Colorado. Martinez’s father Carlos Martinez was from Guanajuato, Mexico. The family moved into Curtis park in 1954. Martinez has three brothers and three sisters.

Aurelio For Denver Mayor

303 257-6989

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Aurelio For Denver Mayor

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